Wine Charters Alumni Club

Once you have attended a tour with Uncharted Territories you gain membership to our alumni club, which offers the following benefits. 

Booking Discount

Alumni members receive 10% of their next tour booking made within one calendar year from the start date of their previous tour. After one calendar year has passed, alums receive a $100 discount on any tour at any time.

Advanced Notification

Alumni members receive our upcoming tour dates before anyone else, giving them a chance to reserve their spots.

priority Status

Alumni members are placed at the top of the wait list when signing up for a tour that is already full.

Refer a
Friend Credit

If you refer a friend who attends a tour with us, you will receive a $200 credit toward your next trip.

Alumni members receive a special thank you gift to commemorate their trip.

Thank You Gift

Alumni members receive access to photos taken during their tour and welcome to save, print, and share them. 

Access to Photos