So Who Are We? . . . And More Importantly, Why Leave Your Travel To Us?

Susanna and Hutch Hill are natives of Richmond, Virginia, childhood sweethearts, and owners of Uncharted Territories Tours & Travel.

Susanna Hill, travel advisor, didn’t get on an airplane until she was 18 years old but her first plane ride took her all the way to Ireland, where she was officially bitten by the travel bug. She’s inordinately proud that her two children got their passports before the age of two. Susanna, a lifelong Anglophile, was raised on Beatrix Potter, Lewis Carroll, J. M. Barrie, C. S. Lewis, and on and on . . . until she created her own major at the University of Virginia to officially “study” children’s literature. She moved on to a master’s degree in art history, mostly so she could have an excuse to travel to the great museums across the world. Susanna traveled extensively before settling in Austin, Texas, where she took up yoga and running with a passion. Susanna teaches fitness classes on the side, and loves to incorporate wellness into her travel plans. Her favorite wines are cool climate wines, but if forced to exist on one beverage for the rest of her life it would have to be a killer sparkling wine made in the méthode champenoise.

For Susanna, researching and planning travel is half the fun and she relies on her previous professional experience in nonprofit event planning to arrange the many moving pieces that comprise a great trip. In addition to finding the perfect balance between wine and wellness in a trip for adults, Susanna loves planning family travel. There's a balance to be struck in multigenerational trips, and the experiences and memories that result are irreplaceable. 

Hutch Hill, wine tourism consultant, stumbled into the wine business rather than set his sights on it. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in literature (because: money?), he spent some knockabout years in New York City enjoying misadventures in children’s publishing by day, and a disreputable rock ‘n roll band at night. Sometime later, while on a spiritual quest to New Zealand to learn to surf, he inexplicably found himself helping run a wine bar in the heart of wine country and was never the same again. 

Upon returning to the States he promptly embarked on a career in the wine industry that saw him take positions in wine shops, restaurants, bars, consulting gigs, distribution sales jobs, and importing portfolio management. Always taking his research extremely seriously, he has been fortunate enough to live or spend wine-adventure-time imbibing with locals in France, Italy, Spain, Morocco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and England—not to mention all over the continental US.

After twelve years in the industry he is currently the sales manager and director of imports for a boutique Texas importer and distributor. Having recently completed WSET Level 3, Hutch still finds time for his bookish wine studies, but is unwavering in his belief that there is no substitute for firsthand experience. A natural-born champion of underdogs and lover of the hopelessly esoteric, he rarely drinks the same bottle twice and accepts it as absolute fact that wine (and probably everything else) always tastes better the closer it is to its home.