Trip Planning


$100 per adult, $50 per child, nonrefundable. Deposit is applied toward trip planning fee.


$250 flat fee, nonrefundable*

*New trips starting within 45 days of a holiday period may be subject to a Holiday Surcharge


15% of land-based costs. This fee will appear as a separate line item and all prices from travel providers will be shown as NET pricing for maximum transparency.

Note that this fee is waived for all hotel-only bookings. Instead the following applies:

  • NO FEE if you know your dates of travel and where you would like to stay.

  • $100 per trip if research on properties is required.

      • When you book through me, you will receive perks and benefits at Virtuoso* and partner hotels that you cannot get when you book directly or through an online booking engine. These benefits often include complimentary breakfast for two, an upgrade on arrival and resort, spa or food and beverage credit.

Confirmed trips that are canceled by the client prior to departure are subject to a cancellation fee of 10% of the total cost of the trip.

All fees are non-refundable and subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

Airline Ticketing


Once ticketed all fees are nonrefundable.

Domestic Economy: $50 per person

Domestic First/Business: $65 per person

International Economy: $65 per person

International First/Business: $75 per person

Airline Frequent Flyer Tickets: $200 per person. Fee is nonrefundable and must be paid up front prior to researching flights. Passenger frequent flyer account login information is required.

Credit Card Points Tickets: I am unable to book airline tickets using credit card points as per the policies of the credit card companies.

Voluntary Changes: All voluntary changes in reservations that result in a reissue of the ticket are subject to the same fee schedule listed above.

Rush Surcharge: All voluntary changes made within 48 hours of departure are subject to an additional $25 fee surcharge per person.

There is NO FEE for changes as a result of airline initiated schedule changes or travel disruptions.

The above fees include initial research into the best flight times to coincide with your itinerary. They do not include monitoring and support during airline travel. However, I partner with an air concierge service and they can provide 24-hour monitoring and support during travel for an additional, reasonable fee.

Clients always have the option of booking airline tickets themselves. On a case-by-case basis, I may also be able to package airline tickets with a resort booking through our preferred vendors at no additional cost.

I do arrange and manage private aviation upon request.

Optional Services

TRAVEL DOCUMENT DELIVERY: All travel documents will be delivered electronically. If you wish to receive print copies of travel documents, a $15 fee (plus any mailing costs) will be added.

À LA CARTE RESERVATIONS: For trips where the Trip Planning Fee is waived, a $10 per reservation fee will be applied to services such as restaurant or spa reservations, hotel activities, and theatre tickets.